MAYFIELD ~Reception Centre~


Thank you for visiting our website! We know you are curious to see what we have on offer. 

At our facility we offer a wide array of first-class services and amenities at an affordable rate. When you rent our facility, not only does it include tables, chairs and tablecloths, but it also includes a garden gazebo, a kitchen facility and a bar facility.


~Mayfield Receptions~

Located in a lush and scenic area of St. George, our location is sure to satisfy your search for an elegant and inviting atmosphere. The ambiance at Mayfield is different to any other, as we provide a spacious  yet cozy facility for you and your friends and family to come and enjoy any event you wish to hold.

The surroundings at Mayfield make it the perfect place for not only your wedding reception, but there are a whole host of scenic areas where you can hold your wedding ceremony, if a garden wedding is what you desire.


 That is not to say that we don't cater for parties or other functions. Our facility can be set up and transformed to meet the needs of most of our clients.